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Our Warranty

AREPA's professional decontamination and restoration process is backed by a cleanliness warranty and, depending on the type of equipment, a functional warranty.

Cleanliness Warranty - Equipment that AREPA deems restorable will undergo a professional decontamination process followed by testing, repairs and re-calibration/alignment. The cleanliness warranty ensures that  equipment will be free of particulate that may cause it to deteriorate as a result of the loss event. In most cases, AREPA will obtain analytical wipe samples before and after the decontamination process to secure empirical data about the particulate levels. This data is made available to the equipment owners pre and post decontamination.

Functional Equipment Policy - AREPA can facilitate a functional equipment policy, post restoration, for equipment in a wide range of industries. The equipment ranges, but is not limited to: medical imaging, respiratory therapy, surgery, research & laboratory, eye care equipment, cardiology/stress test/ICU/CCU/EKG, dental equipment, information technology (IT), communication and printing equipment.

Our Warranty