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Data Centers

In today’s fast pace business environment, data centers are the engines that keep most companies, institutions and governments running. Larger businesses typically have their own in-house data center and smaller outfits utilize shared centers where they rent space or operate utilizing tools in an outsourced cloud.

Data centers house sophisticated equipment such as servers, computers, network switching modules and data storage cabinets. The data center is supported by electrical power distribution, un-interruptible power supplies (UPS’s), heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, fire suppression and security surveillance equipment.

Recovering from a data center fire, tornado damage, water exposure or even the phenomenon called Zinc Whiskers can be quite challenging. The first instinct for most information technology (IT) professionals it to replace the affected items, which theoretically would enable the business to resume operation.

The truth is: following a data center loss, only a portion of the equipment may require mitigation. Due to software and hardware compatibility issues,  the unnecessary replacement of only a few units could trigger an unavoidable upgrade of other equipment within the data center and across the company.

AREPA has successfully restored thousands of data center pieces thus enabling the businesses to restore operations in a shorter period of time and with minimal system integration. To speak with an AREPA restoration specialist regarding a data center loss, please contact us at +1 224 406 9855.