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Claims Professional

Following a catastrophic property loss, claims professionals are focused on restoring productivity and minimizing business interruption, in addition to satisfying the needs of their policyholders. The experts at AREPA have over 25 years of service to the insurance industry, providing comprehensive recovery following property loss to critical equipment and systems.

Our team is one of the most knowledgeable, skilled and experienced full-time equipment restoration crews in North America, capable of providing turn-key global rapid response.

Benefits of working with AREPA:

  • AREPA provides a comprehensive recovery solution, which includes total project management of the decontamination, testing, repairs, and certification.
  • Equipment Restoration is often the quickest way to restore productivity and minimize business interruption
  • AREPA is capable of performing all aspects of the recovery on site.
  • Restoring equipment may prevent unnecessary code and technological upgrades that would surface if a critical portion of the equipment was replaced.
  • AREPA meets and exceeds industry cleaning standards, resulting in our being called on by some of the world's largest companies following equipment damage
  • Our specialists are experienced with the various cleanliness and approval protocols associated with working in specialized industries such as healthcare, education and manufacturing.
  • All work performed comes complete with a one-year cleanliness and functional warranty.

Disastrous property damage claims are inevitable, however, by partnering with a company experienced with providing a complete solution for rapid restoration, claim professionals and their policyholders can rest assured they are receiving the most optimal resolution. To contact an AREPA restoration specialist regarding a possible project or to receive a quote, please contact us at +1 224 406 9855.