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Water & Debris

Water and Debris Damage

The condition of equipment, machinery and facilities contaminated/damaged by flood water or water exposure can rapidly deteriorate, due primarily to corrosion, if immediate measures are not taken to stabilize the equipment. It is not uncommon for equipment to have been fully restorable immediately after an incident,  but because immediate measures were not taken to protect those items from ongoing damage,  continuing deterioration renders the equipment non-restorable. In such cases, the opportunity to rapidly return to business can be lost as you now have to endure potentially long procurement delays for new equipment.

The actions that you take in the first hours after a disaster incident to protect your assets from further damage can have a dramatic impact upon the overall business recovery time frame.

AREPA always recommends that urgent ‘Stabilization’ measures be carried out on affected equipment, machinery and facilities as soon as possible after a water and debris damage incident occurs. Click here to read our expert Stabilization advice following any disaster incident.

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