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Recommended Steps Following a Loss

I just experienced a contamination-related property loss… What now?

Your first call should be to a well-known equipment loss consulting/restoration firm. You want to be able to get your arms around this loss by qualifying and quantifying the damage to the contents. The firm should have a qualified equipment loss consultant on site within hours to begin taking analytical wipe samples of the contamination and begin working with the insurance carrier to assess the value of the affected contents.

What should be done to preserve equipment to prevent further damage from occurring?

The equipment needs to be stabilized by moving it to a humidity and temperature-controlled environment. If the equipment cannot be moved, use air-conditioning and/or dehumidifiers to lower the relative humidity. This will slow down the onset and progression of corrosion. Ideally, humidity should be in a range between 45% and 55% and the temperature should be as cool as is practical. Humidity higher than this level will not sufficiently retard the corrosion process. Conversely, some equipment, mainly electronics, can be damaged by static electricity resulting from dry air when the relative humidity is less than 45%.

What steps need to be taken before moving equipment ?

Prior to removing equipment, keep in mind that systems may be configured for certain locations or may contain privileged or confidential information. It may be very important to record and tag the equipment with the manufacturer, model number, serial number and original location of each item prior to moving it.

Why should I contact a qualified equipment restoration specialist?

Equipment restoration experts can maximize the probability of successful re-certification after the equipment has been decontaminated. The restoration specialist can apply a preservative to electrical and mechanical equipment to further slow the corrosion process. Additionally, specialists can establish restoration priorities based on the client’s needs and in ways that minimize downtime and business interruption.

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