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Preservation & Stabilization

Preservation & Stabilization

AREPA is one of just a few companies in the world solely specializing in the decontamination, restoration and remanufacturing of electrical, electronic and mechanical equipment. AREPA is an industry leader in the science of equipment restoration, utilizing state-of-the-art techniques and proprietary chemicals developed over the past 15 years to provide the highest quality restoration services. In addition, AREPA has the largest staff of full-time, skilled restoration technicians in the industry, utilizing full-time experts with an average tenure of over 10 years in the equipment restoration profession.

AREPA has performed hundreds of equipment preservation and stabilization projects. Fortune 500 companies, national, state and local governments, large universities, public schools, manufacturing companies, scientific laboratories, energy companies and hospitals have utilized our services. We have saved our clients hundreds of millions of dollars in equipment costs, downtime and revenue, while enabling them to focus on maintaining valuable relationships with their own customers. Click here to read our expert's equipment stabilization tips following any disaster incident.

To learn more about our equipment restoration services and to speak with an AREPA Restoration technician or engineer, please contact us at +1 224 406 9855.