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Professional Decontamination

Professional Decontamination

After a fire or water disaster, chemicals deposited on equipment can adversely affect electrical, electronic and mechanical components/equipment. The effects of chemical contamination on equipment can vary widely, depending on the type of chemical or contaminant present, the amount or concentration of each respective contaminant, the environmental conditions present at the loss location, the equipment type, as well as the materials used in the construction of the equipment.

To ensure that restoration and decontamination are successful, AREPA chooses the appropriate decontamination process based on several factors including the components found within the equipment, as well as the degree of contamination.

Throughout the decontamination process, equipment is thoroughly cleaned to appropriate levels to reduce the likelihood of further damage occurring, such as corrosion. The decontamination process is typically quicker than replacement and allows the equipment to be used in an effort to eliminate down time and keep costs under control for the duration of the project.

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Interested in learning about FDA/USDA/Government Regulations & Chemical/Environmental Constraints? 

Click here to read  an informative guide, developed by AREPA project managers, outlining the requirements for cleaners used as general purpose disinfectants, hospital use disinfectants, food contact surface sanitizers, meat and poultry establishment sanitizers, and antibacterial hand sanitizers and soaps.