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Recovery Connection

Recovery Connection


Over the years, AREPA  has worked on many job sites that sustained catastrophic infrastructure damage. In order to minimize further damage to equipment and the facility and prepare for CAT response efforts, power had to be restored, heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) was required to stabilize the atmosphere, commercial pumps were necessary to evacuate water from submerged lower levels, hazardous materials (HAZMAT) crews had to clear the scenes, temporary fencing was required to keep looters away, and portable restrooms and sanitation facilities were necessary to accommodate for the basic needs of the first responders.

To facilitate the coordination of these efforts for our clients, AREPA has established relationships, working agreements and preferred pricing from companies such as Siemens (mobile water treatment), Caterpillar (commercial generators, air compressors and heavy machinery), Trane (mobile commercial HVAC units) and Ware (commercial boilers).

One call to the AREPA  Recovery Connection team will enable the end user to obtain everything needed to resume operations via portable temporary solutions. AREPA carefully selected Recovery Connection partners possessing the personnel and expertise to deploy around the world. AREPA Recovery Connection personnel are skilled and equipped to provide:

Repairs & Testing

AREPA provides a comprehensive turn-key solution as part of every project. Our staff not only professionally decontaminates all impacted equipment but also project manage all aspects of the remaining recovery process. AREPA's  project managers have over twenty (20) years of experience restoring medical, manufacturing, and computer network equipment.

The recovery process includes coordinating with the client's vendors or qualifying third party vendors that can thoroughly test, repair, and calibrate the restored equipment. AREPA also reviews repair / replacement costs, and provides written status updates to all parties involved.

AREPA's project managers are backed by electrical and/or mechanical engineers that peer review the decontamination processes being deployed, monitor the repairs, and assist in the overall progression of the project to ensure that business interruption is minimized.

Recalibration & Recertification

Restoring water exposed or smoke contaminated equipment to a pre-loss condition requires thorough testing, repairs, and in some cases recalibration and recertification. Medical equipment, manufacturing machinery, elevators, escalators, some laboratory instrumentation and petrol pumps all require calibration and certification that is regulated. AREPA provides our client's service vendors an opportunity to continue their service on the affected equipment. In some cases, the client does not have a vendor that they routinely utilize. AREPA can facilitate recalibration and recertification enabling the equipment to meet all the necessary regulator compliances. 

Moving, Rigging and Storage

Following a loss event, two (2) scenarios are likely to take place. The first is that the building is partially damaged and equipment can be stored in the unaffected area. The second is that the building is condemned thus requiring that all the equipment be relocated to a nearby warehouse.

AREPA has worked with freight movers to relocate large industrial equipment, sensitive medical systems, and large quantities of computer data center gear to stable local environments. AREPA has a contract with one of the largest brokers in the world to find suitable storage space where proper decontamination can take place and equipment can be stored thereafter.

Temporary Equipment

The loss of utility power following a loss event introduces operational challenges. If the facility is compromised, that in itself can cause logistical problems that extend business interruption. AREPA's Recovery Connection is a program that enables immediate access to most essential services and temporary equipment.

AREPA's  Recovery Connection has contracted with one of the world largest real-estate brokers to quickly find temporary office space or a warehouse where the damaged equipment can be staged. The program enables access to large generators, heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) packaged units and chillers, firetube mobile boiler systems, trailer mounted boilers, mobile water treatment, mobile waste water treatment, HAZMAT, biohazard and crime scene cleanup, mobile offices, storage containers, most type of cranes, portable restrooms, showers, as well as fencing and security guards to prevent looting.

AREPA's  Recovery Connection placed a great emphasis on hospital and medical facility temporary solutions. These temporary services include mobile surgery suites, mobile endoscopy, intensive care, laboratory/pharmacy, mobile breast cancer center and dialysis units, mobile CRI and CT, and field hospital tent systems that can be scaled to fit as many patient beds as desired.

Our Recovery Connection is adding new services as they become available to the post loss recovery industry. For more information regarding the Recovery Connection, please call +1 224 406 9855 to speak with a restoration technician immediately.