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Repair & Recertification

Repair & Recertification

AREPA provides a comprehensive turn-key solution as part of every project. We not only professionally decontaminate the equipment, but our staff also project manages all aspects of the remaining recovery process. AREPA's project managers have over twenty (20) years of experience restoring medical, manufacturing, and computer network equipment.

A pertinent part of the recovery process includes coordinating with our client's vendors or qualifying third party vendors that can thoroughly test, repair, and calibrate the restored equipment. AREPA also reviews repair / replacement costs, and provides written status updates to all parties involved.

AREPA's project managers are backed by electrical and/or mechanical engineers that peer review the decontamination processes being deployed, monitor the repairs, and assist in the overall progression of the project to ensure that business interruption is minimized.

To learn more about our equipment restoration services and to speak with an AREPA Restoration technician or engineer, please contact us at +1 224 406 9855.